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Top 6 Social Media Management Tools For Small Business 2022

Social Media Management Tools

Over the previous decade, social media has evolved significantly, as has the way marketers handle social media platforms. A handful of marketers have the time or resources to spend all day on social media, producing and publishing content. Most of us have extra professional commitments, so we need to be strategic about how much time we devote to social media.

Regardless of their size or range, companies now demand a robust social media following. This is required in order for them to expand their audience, market and sell goods and services, and expand their operations.

However, to have a social media following, you must provide original and intriguing material on a regular basis to get organic traffic and high interaction. We also recognise that manually adding material, monitoring your account, and responding to comments and replies could be time-consuming and cumbersome.

Here’s where social media management tools come in. These tools are designed to save you time and attention by simplifying tedious and repetitive activities. We have created a list of leading social media marketing tools for small businesses to help you manage your social media accounts in a better way. So, let’s dive right into it without wasting any more time.

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Why is it necessary to use a social media management tool?

The leading social media management tools create the groundwork for their performance, particularly when it comes to establishing oneself in their sector online.

Furthermore, organising social media postings, reacting to comments, measuring the performance of social media efforts, and so much more can all be done with convenience. You can also save a considerable amount of time, effort, and money by employing social media management tools.

Furthermore, the optimal social media management solution simplifies operations and improves communication across working groups within the organisation. Most significantly, they’re beneficial to small businesses that should carry numerous shoes before achieving their objectives.

  •  Zoho Social

Many organisations choose Zoho Social over alternative social media management systems because of its affordable cost, the convenience of use, and extensive feature set. With extensive social media management capabilities, you can make a custom dashboard, plan promotions and postings, and monitor brand engagements.

And what is more, you might wonder. This social media management package includes powerful reporting tools that include bespoke reports, appealing graphics, and interaction data. Furthermore, you could track income from social media marketing initiatives, allowing you to assess social ROI accurately.

Individuals, corporations, and organisations can subscribe to premium programmes. The best thing about this system is its in-depth analytics, which can assist you in expanding your social media presence.

  •  Buffer

Buffer is a free social media management platform used by many people, companies, and organisations. It allows you to design, plan, and distribute visually appealing content across numerous social media platforms. Buffer’s most attractive feature is that it provides a free version for those on a limited budget.

Basic publishing capabilities, a landing page builder, and several other vital features are included in the free edition to assist people in getting involved with social networking.  Buffer helps track your followers’ activity and estimate the most outstanding achievement to post your social media material.

With the use of tags and hotkeys, you can also bypass all the irrelevant comments and move straight to the significant ones. You can also monitor the exposure and interaction of your brand’s social media accounts.

  •  Social Champ

Social Champ is a social media management application that allows for quick scheduling and straightforward automation. The tool could be used by businesses of various sizes, from small businesses to large corporations.

With a unified content dashboard, you can accomplish everything under one umbrella, from producing to scheduling to recurring. The Interface of Social Champ is simple to use, with vibrant colours and a simplified process. The social media calendar in Social Champ is entirely operational, with a grid view of all planned and published items and the ability to create, amend, and reschedule using the drag/drop tool. Social Champ offers a fantastic workspace factor that makes working with various customers a breeze by allowing you to put all of your accounts together. It’s one of the best social media management tools in India that helps small businesses on such a large scale.

  • MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is great for freelancers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small companies on a limited budget that wants to improve their social media following.

MeetEdgar’s most vital attribute is its automated content recycling technology, which enables you to repurpose current and previous material to increase your ROI and visibility out of each posting.

MeetEdgar’s have increased interaction, automated content recycling, storage, and reposting, designed for mid-to-large entrepreneurs, modest groups, organisations, and corporations, have plans for all sizes of budget. However, there is no functionality for many major networks, such as Pinterest and Instagram, and there is no straight post engagement or monitoring from the interface.

  •  Lately

Lately, it utilises artificial intelligence to transform blogs, web articles, podcasts, and audiobooks into hundreds of spectacular posts on social media, allowing small businesses to promote themselves like a mega-brand without busting the budget, scratching their heads, or moving a hand.

They can even maintain communications consistent with organisational and creative rules constantly. As a result, larger businesses have begun to use lately for staff advocacy, CEO thought management and leadership, and community marketing, in addition to product marketing.

  •  Sprout Social

Sprout Social isn’t just another social networking platform. It also has a CRM platform built-in. With its consolidated social mailbox, you can keep on top of communications. Its most relevant characteristics are its extensive reporting and robust analytics platform, which provide practical information to help you fine-tune your approach and track keywords and comments across numerous accounts.

Sprout Social makes it simple to generate high-quality content with its sophisticated publishing capabilities for generating high-quality and compelling multichannel on-brand messages. It contains an extended range of features that both new and seasoned consumers will appreciate, along with an instant messaging option. You are able to react to concerns and feedback immediately.


We hope this article helps you to identify leading and best social media management tools in 2022. Social media tools enable you to find and distribute suitable materials at the opportune moment. You can even hire a social media marketing company in India to ease the process if you want guaranteed and effective results in your social media efforts.

Automation software can also assist you in analyzing audience behavior, monitoring discussions, keeping tabs on the competition, and much more. Before deciding on a tool, think about your company’s social media goals as well as your acceptable budget.

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