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How Visual and Voice Search Will Impact the Future of Search Results?

How Visual and Voice Search Will Impact the Future of Search Results?

With the digital arena’s progress, the demand for digital marketing and the applications surrounding the field are increasing rapidly. The visual and voice search in marketing will significantly impact the future and affect how search engines display the results.
All the businesses, irrespective of the market volume, are switching to search engine technology to keep up with the changing times and stay in the competition. Optimization of a website helps the brands boost their revenue, build a customer base, and have a better outlook towards the customer needs.
Voice and visual search are becoming part of the search engine results and major entities, such as Google. It is using both images and voice to bring up results quickly and accurately. A company that chooses to use both voice and images will create an effective strategy, as it helps send their message to the customers with ease.

How Visual Search Functions?

Visual search or search based on images is in existence for quite a while. Search engines use pictures rather than a keyword to return search results. The algorithm developed by search engine entities identifies the object relevant to the image and presents them with the same for a result.
The best examples of image search are Google Lens and Pinterest. Both applications allow users to use their smartphones to identify images and come up with the results. Visual search uses both machine learning and computer vision. Both these components act as the eyes and brain of a computer. With recent developments in machine learning, it has become possible for a computer to identify and figure out the images along with relevant content.

How a Visual Will Impact SEO?

You can do numerous things with visual search. It is also helping brands build an effective SEO strategy, helping them build better communication with customers. The best example is the interior and fashion designing industries. According to a survey, about 62% of the Gen-Z prefer visual search, which helps them better visualize their purchasing product.
Industry-leading companies have come up with the ‘online trial’ room that allows users to try what they are purchasing. It includes clothes and accessories, such as sunglasses, frames, and more.
In short, visual search is helping companies build organic traffic to their website.

How Voice Search Functions?

Unlike the conventional mode of entering a keyword to search for information, the voice search allows a user to speak into the device for obtaining results. The audio technology uses speech recognition to identify a user’s speech and delivers the required results.
When compared with visual search, voice search requires precision for receiving better results. The best examples that are existent for quite some time are voice dialing and speech-to-text applications. However, with Artificial Intelligence’s evolution, it has become easy for search engine giants to adopt and combine both to deliver a better voice search experience to users. The examples in this category include Google Assistant, Alexa, and Apple’s Siri.

Will Voice Search Effect SEO?

Google and other players in the search engine market are emphasizing more on voice search and its optimization. When a user utilizes the technology, they tend to receive help from the application in completing an action. The best examples include opening an app, playing video content or song, or gathering information about a topic.
When you are searching for information using voice, Google will use A.I. and speech recognition to identify the phrases and words in the text and provide accurate results. Therefore, websites need to optimize the content for the voice for a better ranking and exposure.

Combining Visual and Voice Search

Not every website on the Internet follows the optimization guidelines. It puts them behind in line, and the companies doing so will never receive the traffic they wish. However, a website that follows the optimization guidelines and has quality information that a customer seeks, Google and other search engines place it in the search results depending on quality, traffic, and other factors.
When such a website optimizes the content for voice and visual search, it significantly impacts a search result. With the growing technology, a user can use his/her smartphone to search for information using an image or use voice. In such instances, search engines quickly use the image or the voice to return results relevant to the parameter. The results will contain websites optimized for both voice and visual search.

How Can Marketers Take Advantage?

Both visual and voice search are in the growing stages. However, marketers can use a few tactics to better use the available options for their advantage.

  • Chatbots: Marketers can use chatbots to converse with a user based on the picture they share. Such a step solves half of the problem.
  • Building Image Library: Sellers and retailers need to build an image library of their products. It helps search engines to pick their site based on the parameter entered by the user.
  • Combining Visual with Text: Combining both the visual search with text will of immense help for marketers rather than making them as two competitors.

The tips explained here will prove beneficial when any organization adapts visual and voice search in marketing. Image-centered social media is also increasing, making Google, Pinterest, and other applications become leaders in the path. Therefore, organizing pictures on these platforms makes it simple for search engines to return websites with ease.


Voice and visual search have a significant impact on SEO. Users prefer text over visual search. The technology has yet captured the market but will see advancement in the upcoming years.
With A.I. and machine learning growing at an increased pace, it never hurts to adopt a strategy that will impact and create a long-term solution for better ranking and appearance in search results. When you have your website optimized for text, visuals, and voice, it will fare better than those that have not. You will have an excellent chance to reach your customers, attract prospects, and increase your market presence.
Seek the assistance of an SEO and combine both visual and voice searches to watch your business grow to new heights.

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