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Top 5 Must-Know SEO Basics for Web Developers

SEO Basics for Web Developers

A visually appealing and well-designed website is essential for both web developers and entrepreneurs. However, any website’s primary purpose is to generate traffic from prospective customers.

Not all web developers are experienced enough to maintain abreast with the continuously evolving SEO best practices that will help a website get recognized on search engines such as Google.

We’re writing now to give a list of SEO basics for web developers that will assist you in obtaining the online traffic your remarkable development expertise warrants.

  •  Develop the navigation with reason

For starters, if Google can’t identify your pages or understand how they all interconnect, it’ll be tough for it to assess whether the website is good enough to justify indexing. As a result, it will require a comprehensive understanding of your site’s information architecture.

Second, don’t foresee users staying around there for long if they can’t find the information they really need to execute the action they want. However, a clear and consistent menu will make their navigation of the website more accessible.

When developing a website, you will have the freedom to experiment. However, navigation is one area where you must be cautious.

  •  Improve site speed

Think ahead. People who visit your website on a mobile device or computer want it to load quickly. Slow loading time is one of the primary triggers of a high bounce rate. This is relevant when users view a website from any device, but it is especially important when it comes to Smartphones. Bullets are flying, and you got to act fast.

The incredible thing is that there are several things you can do to improve website performance. You can do this on a consistent schedule for every customer, from optimizing pictures to decreasing redirection and the number of HTTP requests.

One of the secrets is WordPress site rebuilding, which might also perform marvels for your site performance and, as a result, keep customers engaged for a longer duration.

  •  Use Schema Markups to Create Rich Snippets

At the beginning of 2022, one of the SEO developments we saw was that search engine results pages (SERPS) were concentrated mainly on using Schema to present rich snippets. Because this pattern has persisted, it is recommended to employ Schema markup.

Rich snippets are search results that include more elements in addition to the URL, title, and Meta description. For instance, if you Google for a car, several of the results will include ratings, photographs of the vehicle, horsepower, interiors, and so on.

Schema markup allows you to categorize your content to provide context and assist Google in determining how it correlates to other information.

This assists Google in organizing that material and maybe displaying it as rich snippets on the SERP. That will increase your website traffic as users will find your content more valuable and informative.

  •  Optimise for mobile devices!

Because people are increasingly using their Smartphones to browse the internet, optimizing your website for smart devices is a must. If you don’t, you’ll have a high bounce rate since, let’s face it, no one wishes to remain on a website that isn’t mobile-friendly. The improper layout can cause inconveniences such as broken buttons or needing to navigate to the left to see the complete page.

Optimising your website to be mobile-friendly is also important when you are trying to up your game in terms of local SEO. If you master the art of local SEO, you can target prospective customers trying to find similar services that you offer in the respective region.

A pleasant user experience encourages visitors to remain and browse your website, indicating that your website is valuable for the keyword you selected.

  •  Ensure the safety and accessibility of the website

Interestingly, one of the SEO ranking variables is having the correct type of URL. That is a URL that Google’s crawlers can access and crawl.

In other words, Google must be welcome to browse the URL and examine the content of the page in order to determine what the website is about. You’ll need a robots.txt file that informs Google where it can and cannot explore for your site’s content, as well as a sitemap that specifies all of your pages to assist the crawlers.

And if you haven’t already activated SSL security on your website, you must do so immediately for the purpose of security and SEO.


We hope this article helps to identify and understand some SEO basics for web developers that will assist them in their development journey. Implementing SEO strategies takes time and continuous efforts, and it takes an even longer duration to see the desired results. You can employ the services of an affordable web development company in India to manage the implementation quickly and efficiently. And always remember, persistence is the key in the SEO journey.

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