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Best SEO Company v/s SEO Freelancer – Who is Right for Your Business?

Best SEO Company Vs SEO Freelancer

In order to build a business, one is required to create sustaining demand for their business which should last for a considerable duration. To create this demand, they will need the customers to know their products. The biggest place to showcase one’s products is the Internet, as it has a million set of eyes on just one network itself. One of the best ways to showcase one’s business products is through putting Search Engine Optimised (SEO) on the web, which will help the search engines in showing the page more often to the users.SEO agency in India and abroad has been cropping up. Now, to put SEO based content on the internet, a business can approach two varieties of specialised third parties. Firstly, they can either choose for a SEO oriented company that primarily deals with digital marketing. On the other hand, they can use a SEO freelancer who can independently work for them. This dual choice can be confusing. This article is aimed at comparing SEO Company v/s SEO Freelancer to find which maybe a better fit for one’s business and why. 

SEO Company

SEO Company is based around the niche in digital marketing utilised for SEO content. SEO company provides the business with access to multiple professionals who will be having specialised niches in SEO spectrum. They have large teams owing to which they can take multiple projects at one go. Since SEO experts go through the system daily they are able to diagnose grave issues which may be reducing traffic on one’s site. Overall, it is considerably expensive to hire them in comparison to a freelancer, but their efficiency and work rate may compensate for the same. Further, it shall be noted that SEO Companies usually work with multiple clients at one time, so due to paucity of time they may be unable to respond back as quickly as one would want. Moreover, since they have a significant amount of workload, their work quality can dive at times.

SEO Freelancer

SEO Freelancer is individuals who specialise in putting out SEO based content; they are generally work independently or in small groups. A SEO freelancer often works with a small number of customers. These SEO specialists will undertake a client’s SEO assignment and do their absolute best to increase traffic, site visibility, and conversions. If one has already gone through a digital marketing agency, then choosing a freelancer may make sense. They also dedicate more time per project with the client which will surely aid the businesses in communicating their ideas. Further, the personal attention can also be greatly helpful for re-running the project and fixing some minor bugs. A freelance will take lesser time than a company for such small tune-ups.  They only have limited work rates which limit the businesses from giving them multiple assignments in one go. Due to their limited output they are also way cheaper than SEO firm.

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Which One Fits Your Business?

The answer strictly depends on the nature and size of the business. Some of the factors that are to be kept in consideration for choosing SEO agency in India are as follows

1. Budget – The most important factor on the list maybe, as stated the Freelancer will charge less than a designated firm. This comes at the cost of the work rate. At times there maybe drop in the work quality as well but this highly depends on the competency of the chosen freelancer. If the budget is low, one should opt for the freelancer as they can also get quality work done at a slower rate. If one has a considerable budget, then they should go for the SEO company as they will charge top dollar for only top quality work which will delivered at a rapid rate. Such increased inflow of SEO content is meant to grow the businesses and its brand.

2. Business’ goal – So, as it is apparent that a higher work rate from a set of professionals is bound to provide more visible output then sole work of a freelancer. Though, this higher work rate does come at a considerable cost. If one’s business goal is to grow their traffic as quickly as they can and they have a short time period as a goal (i.e. 3-6 months) then choosing an SEO firm would be best option. Freelancer can aid in steady growth but not an instant spurt.

3. Owner’s Knowledge – It also depends upon the knowledge of the business owner as running around the web of SEO can be confusing. If they have no knowledge and then choosing a SEO company in Bangalore would one’s best bet as they will have diverse set of professionals who can take care of the whole assignment, the owner will be less likely suffer. Finding a sole freelancer who may handle each aspect of the SEO content will be hard and not as efficient. If they have some knowledge, then they can actually work themselves along with the freelancer to improve their traffic.


In a nutshell if one has a considerable budget and is required to meet strict deadlines, further they are in a need of a steady inflow of SEO content then they should choose a SEO firm. On the other hand, if one has some knowledge of the SEO spectrum and they want to steadily grow their business with some outside help at a low cost then they can choose to hire a freelancer. The decisions depend on the budget – benchmarks set and owner’s knowledge of SEO.

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