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Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing for Business

Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing for Business

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The fast pace of mobile penetration and lower charge for internet connectivity has opened a- plethora of business opportunities. We, Indians- have become the top five mobile data users in the world. Government support, underlying opportunities, low cost, and easy availability- become the reasons for people having mobile phones in their hands. Do you know mobile has become an integral part of our population without any classification? As per data, the average Indian mobile 2 to 3 hours regularly. More than 75 percent of smartphone users search the product or services online before finalizing their purchase.

The business principals state that wherever a customer goes, a business has to follow. So companies are utilizing these mobile phone booms for their- brand name awareness, revenue generation, and brand establishment. Bulk SMS marketing is one of the ways for a business to tap this opportunity in its favor.

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What is a bulk SMS service in India?

We all are aware of SMS that stands for Short Messaging service. If you are a mobile user, you also have noticed that sometimes you receive a message from your mobile network provider, banks institutions, prepaid or postpaid wallet service provider, or any other SMS relevant or non-relevant for you. When a particular company sends a single message to multiple recipients in a single tap that is called bulk SMS service. The indicated can be used by any business; resulting to be fruitful for the same. But first, the businesses have to register themselves with TRAI for marketing. TRAI (Telecom regulatory authority of India) is an autonomous organization that works in- enhancing connectivity, quality, and effectiveness of the telecom sector.

How does it work?

Bulk SMS get generally used for marketing, reminder, alerts, information, communication of just, and a public awareness complaint. In this whole marketing business- there are five main stakeholders: Business, bulk SMS service provider in India, Customers, Network providers, and Governments. To do this work, bulk SMS service provider India uses software that provides a platform to add as many numbers as needed. Here adding a large number of the file is also possible with the bits of help of upload. The software allows additional features like scheduling, retargeting, the inclusion of multimedia, etc. After that, the message- can be sent to all the added mobile numbers nationally or internationally. Here you keep in mind that charges for international bulk SMS service providers in India might be more than the sending bulk message in India.

What are the benefits of Bulk SMS?

  • Efficient and impactful marketing tool:

We cannot deny that mobile is a heartthrob for many. As compared to checking email, receiving a call, checking application-based messaging, log into social media, message checking is pretty easy, comfortable, and a must for customers. Customers largely depend on messages for receiving all sorts of notifications, alert, information from their banks, credit card service provider, workplace, insurance service provider, and many more. It makes it compulsive for customers to check the message as soon as it is received. So, the probability is very much high, in some cases, it’s up to 100 percent that a recipient will check the content of SMS once it gets delivered to his or her mobile phone. No other marketing tool is as efficient and as impactful as Bulk SMS for business. There is the cheapest bulk SMS service provider in India that enables you as a business to avail this excellent marketing tool at a relatively lower cost.

  • Instant delivery:

Gone are the days of waiting and waiting. We need everything without any delay. The same principle applies to marketing. Now the business has no time to wait for feedbacks and receiving the report. Marketing tools like News Paper marketing, Magazine marketing, etc takes time. Even radio and television marketing takes time, and you are not sure your potential target audience is whether watching or listening to your marketing advertisements or not. Here Bulk SMS is instantly delivered to the targeted audience and you become assure that probability is very high for recipients to read the message.

  • Cheaper than others:

The cost of an advertisement does matter the most for any business. Besides having high reliability, readability, this platform is cheaper than the other marketing tools. There is an extreme amount of competition among the top bulk SMS service provider in India; it is beneficial for the business. However, we would advise you to not avail the service of a very cheap bulk SMS service provider in India considering the only cost factor. Choose your Bulk SMS company by applying all checks and balances.

  • Reliable:

The reliability of any marketing tool makes it very popular and beneficial for all the stakeholders. Unlike email, SMS reliability provides more reliability. Email Service provides various tools to filter the email based on the content, email address, location, frequency, time, usability, and user preference. That’s why it is probable that your email marketing message might be landing in a spam folder where a person rarely bothers to visit. Email is also not user friendly as SMS. Still many parts of our country are not covered by high-speed internet all the time. It makes it difficult for companies to target their audience through email marketing. Mobile is very less effective in filtering the spam SMS into another folder.

At the same time, mobile network is easily available even in the remotest location of our country like Dzongri in Sikkim, Zanskar in Kashmir, Havelock in Andaman Nicobar Island, Nako in Himachal Pradesh, etc. Areas affected by other natural or manmade issues get covered by network connectivity.

  • High Conversion rate:

It defines that your target audience’s probability to think also avail the products or services you are offering. This rate is high among all audiences like rural, urban, educated, uneducated, or any income background, gender, or others.

Not availing of this service is like losing a large market base and high business prospects. Contact the cheapest bulk SMS service provider in Bangalore India and enquire about the best suitable Bulk SMS for your business.

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