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Organic traffic to your website can be a result of several factors. The practice of link building is essential, but it is not the sole factor which can determine your ranking. There are some other determinants which will help you to draw more traffic to your website.

Here in this blog, we will discuss some of the best practices through which you can increase the traffic from Google.

Quality content

Though there are many ways through which you can enhance your online performance, content is still one of the best ways through which you can establish your website among the top positions.

Website is mainly defined through its content. After all, your audiences will visit your website to know about your content. Having in-depth and quality content that is related to your niche should need to be the focus of your website.

As per the researchers, those websites which host in-depth articles, usually the ones who can achieve the target of the highest number of visitors, it is not necessary to write many articles, but one limited article can clock the highest number of footfalls.

It is a fact that once Google can identify your site as the destination for specific content, then there will be a significant increase in your website traffic.

So, avail affordable content writing services to boost your website presence.

Search engine optimization

When it comes to the performance of your website, you can’t ignore Search engine optimization or SEO.

The first and foremost things to do before any marketing activities is to make sure that your website will be well optimized for search visibility. Identify and implement all the parameters that will help you to build a well-optimized website and follow a long-term strategy of link building.

When we talk about Google traffic, SEO is not a way to enhance it, but it is an essential process for any website. Search engines are still the most influential sources through which you can generate free traffic.

GMCSCO provide best SEO services at very reasonable price.

Enhanced UX

A better on-site experience for a user is a source through which you can improve the page views.

Google always comes up with new updates that define the quality of your website. Google search algorithms evaluate the time duration for which a user can hold on to your side. These algorithms can significantly enhance your performance or even diminish your performance. You can’t use old strategies to top the current competition.

Websites today should work towards streamlining their navigation, eliminate unnecessary clutter and focus on essential value and dependable web hosting to ensure that you will have more and more satisfied users hanging around in your website helping you to increase your search ranking.

Improve the required by the server to respond

User satisfaction is the most critical factor for a website owner. A happy visitor always ensures a more extended stay which results in a better ranking.

The website speed is, therefore, a factor that needs to be effortless and streamline. Providing a convenient experience on your website, the speed of the website plays an essential role.

The website speed is also one of the parameters that Google considers essential for ranking websites. The time to first-byte determinant or the number of time needed by the server to react to the first request is plausibly more critical than general page speed.

The first impression is always the last one, so put all your efforts to make your first impression the best one for your users.

Social media

We live in the age of social media; hence we cannot avoid the power of social media. It’s almost like a virtual home for internet users. People are actively searching for businesses in social media as compared to the search activity on search engines.

A business can’t ignore the power of social media. Hence it is a must for a business to be active and establish an authoritative presence on social media. That’s why, every business should get social media marketing services to gain more presence.

Make sure to put your website link, share content daily, use videos for the promotion, etc. Try to create natural and engaging content and wait for the fantastic results.


Writing a blog on your website also contributes to the performance of your website. It will help you to enhance search visibility and rankings provided you write quality niche articles regularly and consistently, contributing to your traffic stats.

Adding a guest blog section permits you to put a back link to your website from the author resource section, which again helps you to drive traffic to your website.

Use of video and images

Users always find videos and images much more attractive than textual content. Creating exciting videos that are useful and informative can help you to grab your audience attention. But make sure to put your website link on the video screen throughout.

If you are able to create engaging content, users will shortly click through to find your website.

Similarly, for each image that you design make sure of putting your website URL.

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