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Complete guidance to optimize your Google My Business page like an expert

Complete guidance to optimize your Google My Business page

Google My Business Listing Being a part of the Global phenomenon is what best you can do for your business, whether you belong to a large corporation or a small company.

Google My Business Listing Optimization : But how to achieve this?

GMB Listing is the right way through which you can be an exceptional part of the internet – the Global phenomenon. It offers a business page where the crucial data relating to your business is located. It is a virtual information center which includes all the services which you provide through your business, your business location, business hours, your phone number, your photos, reviews and much more related to your business.

You may be considering what benefits Google my business offers to your company?

Actually, with this, you can become a part of the internet which makes it more accessible and visible to your audience. Google marketing through Google my business listing is also helpful for the customers to find your online presence effortlessly.

This is one of the most acceptable ways through which you can boost your online trust and reputation through the testimonials or reviews shared by your audience.

How to list your company on Google My Business Listing Page

  • Google made it very easy to list your company on Google my business.
  • To create your business page, you need to register it into Google my business tool.

Isn’t it a simple way to be in the crucial digital spotlight? With this you can give a boost to your company, you will increase the probability of appearing in the Google Local Finder, Google Maps, Google park, and many more ways which help you to improve your organic rankings.

Let us get deep insights into Google my business page and how to optimize Google My Business page?

Claim Your Business in GMB Listing

The primary step is always significant, and it is better to be a little more alert during initial stages.

First step to take is to claim your Google my business account. As I already mentioned that it is better to be more attentive, so don’t make a silly mistake by forgetting about this account after claiming your ownership.

You need to analyze Google features that help in optimizing your business page such as you can get the details of Google my business ranking factors. Adding your business into Google my business and ensuring its high ranking are the two essential steps to enhance the reach of your business.

Right Keywords research

We all know the importance of keywords when it comes to organic search. Similarly, e Google my business also falls under the same category, which demands the keyword to rank.

  1. Title : Title of your Google my business page needs to be keyword-oriented. It should feature the keyword and your location.
  2. Title Tag: Title tag is one of the essential parts when we talk about Google maps business. To rank high, the right keyword in the page title is vital.The title tag should be of hundred characters. Try to add your location and primary keyword at the start of the title to increase the chances of a ranking in Google by nearly 30%.

Keyword Research:

If you are planning to add another keyword, then make sure that this keyword relates to the primary keyword. At least one keyword must appear at the start of your title.

  • Paid Keyword Tools: But how to get the right keyword? For this, we have the luxury of keyword research tools. Try to identify the best keyword tool available in the market. It is better to go with a paid keyword research tool because free keyword research tools come with Limited features. SEMrush and Ahref are excellent examples of best keyword research tools, which gives you the liberty to identify the right keyword, keyword difficulty, search volume, and the number of sites using the keywords. All the information plays an essential role to identify the right keyword and makes it easy to choose the best keyword for your title.


When it comes to Google My Business ranking constituent, choosing the right category is also very important.

Google uses this category criterion to identify the profile of your business, so it is mandatory to choose the category that suits the objectives of your business. Google has nearly 2395 business categories. So, without the category, it is difficult for Google to find your profile identity just by using your business title and business description.

But what when you don’t find a specific category shooting the objective of your business?

In this situation, you can add several categories for the services you offer. Make sure to add a category that suits the services you provide because Google will rank your business as spam if your select category is different from the services you offer.

It is better to avoid any spamming activity because it will affect your ranking and Google will also disable your Google My Business page if you spam several times.

Do you know that your location is also a crucial parts Google search engine?

Yes, it is true, Google shows results depending on the location of the searcher. And therefore, you need to be very clear to give the accurate location of your business with the ZIP code so that you can leverage Google local marketing.

Have you ever thought that your opening and closing time can also impact your online presence?

The setting of business hours is another essential thing to do. Google always and sure to provide the right information to their customers, so it is necessary to set up the accurate business hours as per the user convenience.

You can also add another step that is setting up special hours and dates. Such as unique timing for holidays.

Business website

When you start to rank in Google, some unique features will automatically be displayed in SERP. Such as opening time, closing time, business address, Business website option, directions, title, and reviews.

Consider adding the link of your website to Google maps to show that people can get redirected to your site after clicking it. On-page optimization helps Google to understand better about your services and your business.

On-page play a crucial role in improving the ranking of Google my business.

Here you will get the option of adding schema code in your site HTML. Schema code has a lot in enhancing how search engines analyze the content of your web page. Schema code also boosts the connection of local listings with the website.

What if you don’t have a website?

It is totally fine if you don’t have a website because now Google gives a free GMB website. For free site customization, you can visit the Google My Business Listing (GMB) dashboard and then you need to click on the website.

To fulfill your needs, it also provides the option of customizing the free website templates of Google.

You need to understand that schema codes are not going to boost Your ranking in the search engine of Google; their primary role is to enhance your CTR. Schema code provides an easy way to show more information associating to the services and products you give so that customers can recognize your business more.

Meta description and title tag

If you are already familiar with the SEO techniques, then you must be aware of the importance of meta description and title tag. Before writing the description, please go through the guidelines that Google provides for its description. It will help you to write an in-depth description that relates to the services and the product you offer with a localized keyword. Please make sure that the meta description is short and to the point which includes your keyword and business location. You can write 750 characters description of your targeted keywords.


Here in this article, we try to help you to know the right way of optimizing your Google My Business Listing page.

So don’t wait anymore and create your online presence and stand out from your competitors by using the right method. It may take a significant amount of time, but it will pay off at the end of it.

Keep observing your Google my business page to ensure your business details don’t change because of spam or opponent edits.

Note: Also, read about SEO and its importance.

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